St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church is the only Lutheran Church within the City of Delaware, Ohio. 

We have a rich history that traces back to the founding of the Congregation on January 1821.  Some of the founding congregation members trace their linage back to the Pennsylvania German Settlers who settled along the Olentangy River Valley in 1810.

At St. Mark's we greatly value our history as it grounds us in our mission to:

PROCLAIM the Grace of God,

TEACH the Word of God,

and SERVE the people of God,

So that all may come to BELIEVE!

Blessed with the richness of nearly 200 years of history in mission and ministry in Delaware, Ohio.  As we move forward in hope and expectation we remain grounded in our roots, allowing us to learn from our missteps and celebrate the wonder of how God continues to work through us.

For a timeline of major events please follow this link.