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Holy Week Worship

posted Mar 22, 2019, 8:06 AM by Pastor Jen Rue
Palm Sunday Celebration
Sunday, April 14th 
8:00 AM & 10:30 AM 
Our palm Sunday Celebration will include a procession around the sanctuary waving palms and sing praise to God.  The focal point of this worship is the completion of Jesus' Journey to Jerusalem to face the powers of Sin and Death. 

Maundy Thursday Worship 
Thursday, April 18th 
7:00 PM 
This day we reflect and remember what Christ has taught us about loving our neighbor and serving them out of the Love that Christ has given to us.  During worship you will have the opportunity to participate in our foot washing service, receive communion, and observe the stripping of the altar. 

Good Friday Worship 
Friday, April 19th 
7:00 PM 
This night we remember Christ's death on the cross, and the depth of our sin that cause Christ to pay such a high price fro our redemption. 

Easter Vigil Worship 
Saturday, April 20th 
7:00 PM 
This night we reflect on all that God has done for us and watch in prayer and vigil for the rising of Christ.  This night we will Celebrate the Light of Christ's coming, even as we experience the darkness of our sin and sorrow.